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See the list below for the types of hauling services we currently offer:

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bank foreclosed reo

Bank REO Cleanout and Haul Away

Abandoned furniture and other property left behind in foreclosed properties can create a significant nuisance for the new homeowner or renter. From sofas and dressers to pet beds and kitchen appliances, the amount of bulky items that are sometimes left in these vacated homes can be overwhelming. 

woodchip hauling

Chip Hauling

If you’re looking for chip hauling services in Florida, then you’ve come to the right place! Our experienced chip haulers use well-maintained trailers and the utmost care to protect your valuable materials. We offer competitive prices on chip haulage and provide timely delivery, so you can depend on our services for all your chip hauling needs. 

junk removal

Junk Removal

If you’re living in Florida and dealing with junk accumulation, look no further for a solution. junk removal services offer comprehensive junk collection that covers everything from furniture to hazardous waste. 

Junk removal is one of the most convenient solutions as truck operators are available on call to make sure smaller items don’t fall through the cracks. 

local hauling

Local Hauling

VS Carriers, LLC. is the go-to local hauling service for those in need of reliable, trustworthy transportation for their goods. Boasting advanced and well-maintained vehicles,

VS Carriers, LLC. can guarantee safe and timely delivery of any size cargo – be it large, bulky items or small parcels – across town or around the state. 

specialty hauling

Specialty Hauling

VS Carriers, LLC. specializes in watermelon hauling and paper product shipments. Our experienced drivers are well-versed in watermelon loading and handling, making sure the consignment will reach its designated destination in optimum condition. 

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